A Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony

Okay, so I've read so many reviews saying this book is sexist and people on Goodreads are actually going back and changing the rating of a 'beloved book from my teen years' to a lower rating because of how dreadfully and horribly sexist and demeaning towards women the book is.  Well, good for those people, I suppose. And yes, this IS one of those books that I wish I hadn't read the reviews before I read the book. But my boyfriend had been urging me to read these literally since we got together, and I just wasn't sure if it was up my alley or not and that's why I read the reviews. But let me say this...how many of those review changers noticed this shit when they were a kid? Answer: FUCKING NONE!!! So, my question is, if it was so enjoyable as a teen, who the fuck cares if its chock full of juvenile humor??? And it is, indeed, full of bawdy jokes, often at the expense of women, but its not bad, and if anything, it empowers women by depicting us as having real power in the real world. That power would be the power of the pussy, obviously. Most of the time the 'juvenile humor' steps in, its to highlight the fact that even in life or death situations, men oftentimes think with the wrong head when there's a lady around. So, if anything, its sexist towards men, as it makes them seem foolhardy and constantly horny. So yeah...I guess I just felt like clearing up those reviews that portray this book as evil. Its a YA book about magic for fuck's sake. Just enjoy it!